On day 1, I bought a bunch of ripe bananas for granola. By day three they had become soft, black and unloved. You could freeze them and turn them into ice cream, or make banana breadcake. A regular banana will do in a pinch but very ripe bananas will give a really intense banana fragrance.

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It feels pretty awesome to make home made marshmallows. Part of the fun is getting to handle them – nothing quite compares in terms of airy-light bounciness. I coated them in pure cocoa powder. The mallow fluff didn’t stick as much as many recipes said they would, I wonder if I did something wrong… They set up beautifully in the fridge after 4 hours, despite being a bit softer than commercial marshmallows. I’d definitely make these again, in other flavor variations. Matcha coating perhaps, or covered in bittersweet chocolate – something that can offset the sweetness.

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Cocoa Brownies

Substituting margarine in the cocoa brownies was a bad thing to do. Bad. To save a few dollars? What was I thinking? Slap me with a pink spatula if I ever again threaten to think of such a thing. Little brown rectangles of regret. Understand this, it’s not that they’re not tasty. I just can’t forget how they taste with all butter. It’s like being on a date with with a perfectly nice guy but! There is someone you love and you can’t stop thinking about him.

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