Banana shortcake aka droopy stars

First ever whipped cream frosted cake! With droopy stars! Lesson: Whipped cream softens rapidly in sg’s unforgiving heat, so move fast. I could see the stars falling as I photographed them. This cream contains carrageenan, which gives the whipped cream a smoother texture. However, carrageenan-laced cream doesn’t taste as good as pure cream so that’s what I’d use if I’m going for the best flavor.

The banana has a lovely robust taste and sweetness (ang kim jio variety) that perfumed the cake layers after being left in the fridge overnight. Bananas on top became a little brown and shriveled, will coat with orange juice/glaze next time.

It’s a lovely combination of textures and flavors. Cake and bananas and cream, not much can go wrong hey 🙂

Banana shortcake

6-inch round genoise
medium bananas, thinly sliced, 2-3
heavy cream, 300g
sugar, 30g

Over an ice bath, beat the cream and sugar with an electric mixer until it holds stiff peaks.


Slice the genoise into 3 equal layers. The layers will be arranged in this order: bottom, top, middle. Spread each layer with a layer of cream about 1/4 inch thick, being generous enough with the edges so that the cream will ooze out a little. Arrange the banana slices in a single layer and top with another layer of cream. Repeat until the top layer is in place. Cover the cake with whipped cream and top with more banana if desired.

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