Daily Archives: 09/09/2011

1 Fuji, 2 Royal Galas, 2 Granny Smiths

In our country of eternal summer, the changing seasons evoked by this rustic fruit tart makes up a large part of its appeal. It appears in other blogs with impromptu visits from friends, farmer’s markets, and weather cool enough for dough to survive more than 2 mintues out of the fridge. I try to create these experiences by making galette.

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It feels pretty awesome to make home made marshmallows. Part of the fun is getting to handle them – nothing quite compares in terms of airy-light bounciness. I coated them in pure cocoa powder. The mallow fluff didn’t stick as much as many recipes said they would, I wonder if I did something wrong… They set up beautifully in the fridge after 4 hours, despite being a bit softer than commercial marshmallows. I’d definitely make these again, in other flavor variations. Matcha coating perhaps, or covered in bittersweet chocolate – something that can offset the sweetness.

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When the incorporation of butter and flour is such a bitch in this weather, the recipe had better worth it. The fat had always been cut in with fingers (too darn hot) and two forks (painfully slow). Any flaky dough was approached with a mild sense of tedium and a lot of freezer time.

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