Kicking off – Chocolate chip cookies, chewy oatmeal cookies, cocoa brownies, bran muffins, matcha sables

In a burst of ambitious just-starting-out enthusiasm, I completed 5 recipes in a day, clearing myself for the next 4 days and reducing Lisa and Marie to a state of constant catch-up with the washing up. What can I say? They are elves.

I quickly learnt that baking with 2 trays instead of one is a whole different crate of cats.
A recipe that previously yielded crisp buttery chocolate chip cookies (hide and eat ALL kind of awesome) now yielded damp oily mounds that remained quite so even after giving their soggy bottoms an additional 5 minutes toasting.

Oatmeal cookies that, when placed together in a plastic sandwich bag, fused into one big loving lump like the kind of couples who engage in an uncomfortable amount of public intimacy
that no amount of mental commands or eye averting can pry apart. Except it’s a 16-person orgy,

and the people are cookies. The only way to consume them is to pinch off portions, like play-doh. Very tasty but very fugly. The flavor deepens on the second day, and they seem to get even stickier and chewier, which is a good thing if they are not stuck together.

About the brownies,they don’t look very impressive. They’re rather flat, because there’s no leavening. So you take a bite, not too big because the stuff is dense. Then you chew, and it’s fudgy, and the heat of your mouth melts it, and the chocolate flavor says HELLO. In the spirit of seventh month, it’s like getting possessed by chocolate. All the flavor comes from the cocoa powder, not chocolate. Phoon Huat cocoa’s pretty good, it can only get better with Valrhona or Scharrfenberger if you can get your hands on them. Then you have to tell me where from, okay?

These moist bran muffins are full of fiber and raisin goodness, and the little bran bits are fun to chew. I feel zero guilt eating a couple for breakfast because they’re so low on sugar. Plus, they freeze well.. A week’s worth of breakfast at one go, what are you waiting for?

The rather sturdy matcha sable batter came together without fuss, although I would consider skipping the folding. The two logs are currently in the freezer, and maybe gossiping about you. The use of only icing sugar was surprising as Dorie’s Korova sables and master sables recipe get their sandy texture from the use of granulated sugar. Anyhow, I will update about them when the amount of baked goods around here gets below the scale of Massive, Scary and Fat Inducing. To help it along I have taken to suddenly shoving baked goods into my brothers’ mouths when they are distracted making phone calls or watching television.

I eagerly anticipate the amount Fat Inducing food to get manageable enough to warrant pulling these elegant green logs from the freezer. To replenish the store of Fat Inducing food. Which will lead to sudden shoving and maybe getting to know my neighbors better, because I refuse to eat all these delicious things and get fat alone.

So I managed to sell a staggering total of 5 cookies and 1 brownie square over a span of 2 days – Not the roaring success I’d hoped for. So what? I’m just beginning and it can only get better. More aggressive promotion perhaps.

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